FAQ: Frequent Asked Questions, how to use this website

How can I prevent someone from seeing my profile?

You can visit the person's personal profile and then in the contact menu dedicated to the profile click on "Block profile", it will prevent the Member to write to you and even to see the content of your profile.

How to add friends?

It is necessary to have a friend list to be able to be in contact easily in a selected list and avoid to make a search each time you wish to write to them:
To add a member as a friend, go to his profile and then press the button "Add friend". Then wait that your friend accept your invitation!

Change my email address?

In the menu select "My Profile" then "Check my profile".

Update my information?

In the menu select "My Profile" then "Check my profile".

How to change my password?

Go to "My Profile", then "Edit my Profile".

Why my account was banned?

If your account was accepted and was then rejected it's probably because you did not respect our rules and you do not even have read our terms. Know that this site is followed by professionals present to protect our friendly members.

Why my account is not accepted?

www.ukbestdating.com is a site that only accepts 10% of new profiles, you will note that this site is above all the english and so if you are from another nationality, whose registration exceed the accepted rate, this happen with especially Arab countries, your profile will be logically refused, this will make the site remains predominantly to english people and it must always stay a english majority.

How do I deactivate my account?

You will follow this way: My Profile, Edit My Profile, My Account.

What should I do if someone bothers me?

If a Member bothers you by writing you a lot of unwanted messages do not hesitate to block him/her from their profile page and report him/her immediately.

Culture and civilization is a life way

Dating sites are not all for sexual relations, this site is just for serious relationships or friendships between cultivated members, do not register on the site if you miss seriousness and culture, if you do not know the real meaning of Lebanese dating sites based on mutual respect. Our goal on this free site is to facilitate relations between the Lebanese and the serious and grown concerned by the english culture; Our goal is not to collect millions of members who do not have the minimum of respect, here on this site we are looking for quality, not quantity. Thank you for your understanding.

Culture and civilization is a life way

You are a woman on our website and we warmly welcome you, we try to protect you with different ways and this is clear on our pages, make sure to be aware and to force your respect, be smart in case of a man ask for your whatsapp, mobile number, email or Skype from the first message that means he did not read your profile and the same message was copied pasted to thousands of other women, do not walk with his system and request to be respected, there is a general lack in many Arab culture in the exchange with women on dating sites. This does not mean they are all bad, far from it! We are here to help you in any case do not hesitate.

Culture and civilization is a life way

This site was and will always be for only polite and respectful people. For Lebanese and Arab who consider themselves intellectuals, try to read the girl's file before writing to her, also talk to her a little and know little about her before making annoying her with your whatsapp and Skype. Do not you send the same message to thousands trying by luck! Do not be stupid not take others for stupid people. Respect yourself and respect women avoiding the banning of your profile.



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